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Programmer Wendell Pierce

Wendell Pierce

Introducing our new host, Wendell Pierce. The veteran actor takes the mic at JALC Radio this season. Artistic director Wynton Marsalis who succeeded founding host, Ed Bradley, is delighted with the choice:

“Wendell understands the art of swing. He grew up in the New Orleans, so that rhythm is in his heart and in his words.”

Of course, if you’ve seen HBO’s “The Wire” you need no introduction to the man with the rich baritone voice who plays Detective "Bunk" Moreland. As Marsalis notes, he’s a New Orleans native, with a deep appreciation of jazz. In fact, Pierce plays a jazzman’s in Tremé, (tre-May) a forthcoming HBO drama, set in the Crescent City.

“Jazz at Lincoln Center has become a home for me. I’ve always admired the amount of sweat and soul they put into every performance. I’m honored to share a piece of the music.”

You can find photos, a bio, links to Wendell’s work on, and all you’ll need for program guides and web pages at We’ll still hear from Ed Bradley in our featured shows from the archive, and Wynton Marsalis on new shows from Rose Hall.

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