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Programmer Orlando Suarez

Orlando Suarez

Host of:
Latin Jazz Quarter [Tuesday 12pm-3pm]
Latin Jazz Quarter [Friday 12pm-3pm]

Since childhood in his native city of Holguin, Cuba, Orlando has been listening to music. His parents had the radio on in the house from morning till night listening to the great music of Cuba in the 1950s. After moving to the States in the early 1960s, he continued to listen to music, a different but also enjoyable music.

Orlando never lost his interest or taste for the music of his native Cuba and through the years, as he found jazz, afro-cuban jazz, world music and many other genres, he enjoyed more and more the melding of all the different styles of music. Today, in what is called Latin Jazz, he has found music that encompasses all of his tastes.

Orlando began his radio "career" by volunteer at WDNA in the late 1990s. He was an on-air host on Fusion Latina (11 years) and since 2008 has been an on-air host on the Latin Jazz Quarter.

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