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Programmer Hal Roland

Hal Roland

Hal Roland, a Florida native, has been a keyboardist, vocalist, producer, writer, teacher, radio personality, and corporate event coordinator for 30 years. He graduated from the University of Miami in 1984, with a Bachelor Degree in studio music and jazz.

Throughout his career, Hal has had the privilege of performing and recording with many of the biggest names in contemporary music, including Liza Minnelli, Jon Secada, Quincy Jones, The Bee Gees, and Michael Jackson.
He has performed with his own jazz trio across Europe, toured with the  successful pop group “Expose”, produced the music for “1492”, a musical about Christopher Columbus, chosen by President Bush as the official musical of the 500 year anniversary of Columbus discovering America. In 1992, Hal began a three year project producing the Music for the television series “Star Search”, and also performed with Jon Secada.
Hal continues to live in South Florida, where he has two children.

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