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beale street caravan

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Beale Street Caravan [Thursday 11pm-0am]
Beale Street Caravan. [Thursday 7pm-8pm]

From the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock and Roll, it’s time for the best in Blues on Beale Street Caravan!

Beale Street Caravan is a one hour non commercial radio series broadcasting live recordings of Memphis music and its derivative forms to an international audience of 2.4 million worldwide weekly listeners on over 400 stations around the globe. Hosted by Pat Mitchell, each program presents seasoned veterans alongside up and coming artists recorded at festivals and venues throughout the United States. Music industry experts and celebrities liven up each program with serialized inside commentary about the history & process of the music.

Over 300 public and community stations air the show in the USA. For the quickest directions to Beale Street Caravan check out the Beale Street Caravan website.You will find a complete list of stations with air dates and times.

If you are a radio station looking for a satellite feed for Beale Street Caravan in the USA, the time is Wednesdays 1230-1329 p.m. ET on the National Public Radio (NPR) Satellite System, Channel A 685, or for stations without downlink capabilities, the program can be uploaded from the BSC website. Globally, the program is part of NPR Worldwide's 24-hour schedule . In Tokyo, Japan, the program is on both on The Eagle 810 , an affiliate of AFRTN, and USEN 440 audio cable system. New Zealand broadacast Beale Street Caravan® on its 26 station National Radio Network, Radio NZ . In Australia, Beale Street Caravan is distributed to 141 stations by the Community Broadcast Association of Australia . In Africa and Asia the program is available on the World Space satellite.

Beale Street Caravan® is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Sid Selvidge is the executive producer of Beale Street Caravan. Kevin Cubbins is Associate producer and engineer. Beale Street Caravan® is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Tennessee Arts Commission, ArtsMemphis and various civic organizations of the City of Memphis as well as by private foundations and individuals.

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